drum-tec design Mesh Head

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drum-tec design mesh head

Best Seller! ++ weiß ++ doppellagig ++ leise ++ sehr guter Rebound ++ beste Triggereigenschaften ++ lange Lebensdauer

Dieses professionelle mesh head wurde speziell für die high-end E-Drum Pads der drum-tec pro + diabolo series entwickelt. Das leise design mesh head ist nur wenig durchscheinend und somit auch optisch ein echter Hingucker.

Seit 2006 das meist verkaufte drum-tec mesh head  - Läßt in allen relevanten Bereichen keine Wünsche offen.

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Amazing feel

Can't speak for the longevity as I just got it a few days ago, but the feel is amazing. Slapped this on an 18" acoustic kick and so happy to have bass drum feel once again with my e-drumset. It's got a weird, unpleasant flappy/scratchy noise when you play it, but I use Shure in-ears and don't have to suffer that too much, thankfully. Also, it's quieter and has fewer low frequencies to the play sound than the hard plastic thump of the Roland KD-180L I had been using, so I imagine it's far less audible to neighbors, which is great. Using it with an old Roland RT-10k and am getting some weird double triggering, but I'm still repositioning and dialing in settings. I don't blame that on the head at all. Thanks Frank B.!


Mit das Beste was der Markt zu bieten hat!

Top-Qualität, super Rebound und Haltbarkeit, gibt eigentlich nix besseres. Nutze die drum-Tec design Mesh seit Jahren, einfach TOP!!! ;-)


Fantastic Mesh Heads

Thank you Drum-tec! I don't usually write reviews unless I feel strongly about something. The Design mesh heads are worth writing about because they are excellent and do their job very well. Initially I was sceptical but I wanted to find out for myself.
There's a little bounce as you'd expect and similar noise levels to other 2ply heads, but they feel solid and every bit as good as anything else I've played. Probably better.
Delivery was VERY fast and everything was packaged up nice and securely.
Next I'll try some Real Feel heads.

Highly Recommended!

S.S / Australia


Lange Haltbarkeit

Ich spieme jetzt seit 2 Jahren bei vielen Gigs die drum-tec eigenen Meshheads und bin brgeistert...das Spielgefühl ist genial!

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