drum-tec L-Rod Steel

drum-tec L-Rod Steel
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drum-tec L-Rod Steel

L-Rod zur Rackmontage von Toms (T-Style).

  • Länge der Padaufnahme: ~14 cm, Durchmesser: 10,8 mm
  • Länger der Klammerseite: ~6 cm, Durchmesser: 19,5 mm
  • Nicht kompatibel mit Roland Klammern
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Especially suitable for metal rack clamps.

If you want to mount your (e)drums directly on a rack, and use metal clamps for it, normal percussion rods (between 9,5mm-10,5mm) just don't fit in most rackclamps, certainy not in a Gibraltar clamp.

There are several rods that have a thicker diameter on one side of the L-shape, so that it fit in the clamp.
This is one of those clamps, and it's the cheapest I ever saw.

The normal rod part is 10mm in diameter, which is the perfect size for most (if not all) e-drums mounting.
The thick part that goes into the clamp, is 19mm, which is exactly the 3/4 inch standard tube size for several drum manufactiurers, like Tama.

That's a beauty, because that means we can still use memory clamps for it.

It looks very good too, especially together with the shiny Gibraltar rack & clamps.

They're quite heavy too.
Which costs them one point in my total verdict, but these will never break or even bend.
Even the stongest of clamps will not put dents in this piece.
Very durable.

I did this because I didn't want plastic clamps on a shiny Gibraltar rack, and I wanted it to look good with the shiny clamps. It looks very good.

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